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Updated: Jun 29, 2023


Have you found your interior's mojo, your own style that can incorporate any element you fancy of the new trends that come along?

Starting a design project can be difficult, with so many things to consider. The people who will share the space, what it will be used for, it goes on and on! My clients always tell me that they just don't know where to start. We are so lucky to be surrounded by inspiring people, places and design which when you are trying to find a starting point, can be completely overwhelming.

I recommend starting from scratch, like most things in life you need to focus on what matters to you before you look around at what everyone else is up to. Find your own style first, Your basic canvas, before you start thinking about all of the other layers involved. Inspiration is great but comparison is a killer.

I find the easiest way to start is with the everyday things around you.

The jumper you wear the most, the cover of your favourite book or even your favourite pair of trainers. We usually feel confident in our fashion style before we get the hang of our interior style, so let your wardrobe and the colour choices you have already made create your interior palette.


Find your base neutral.

The colour you go for the most often, In makeup, clothes or accessories. This will be the back drop for your new space. I Love the neutrals by Abigail Ahern.

Find your Three accent colours

The colours you are drawn towards in your clothes, a favourite blouse, pair of jeans or the jumpers you have stored away for winter.


The Designer Paints and Wallpapers by Lick Home are a fabulous collection of contemporary colours to suit any home. Their muted bubblegum pink is the perfect pink for this season and the mid blue grey is a timeless colour that suits any space.

  1. Add your muted tones for the backdrop of your room; flooring, walls and furniture if you want to keep to a minimal aesthetic.

2. Use your chosen highlight colours in throws, cushions, plants, books and artwork to add interest and texture to your space. I love the affordable and eclectic selection from Tin design and the accessories from West Elm are always full of amazing colours and textures.

3. Add your punchline, think of this as drawing a line around a space. This can be done with a really pale neutral or a deep dark tone.

One of my favourite places to find investment pieces that you will love forever as you discover your own style is Graham & Greene the the Blake round antiqued black and gold mirror above would add perfect definition. The frame of their Blue Water Lily print brings in the punchline but also adds some of your highlight colours. Or a great black and gold drum shade to add an elegant finish to your room.

I Love using really dark tones to add a different dimension to even a very neutral room, this can be done with frames, mirrors and lighting but If you are feeling really brave it can be a great backdrop to your space.

A great example of this is from Lucy at Lucy has added her punchline to the woodwork, used her neutral tone on the floor and furniture and added her highlight colours on top of the punchline.

Base tone. Punchline. Highlight. Highlight. Highlight.


If you stick with your own true style and invest in a few key pieces, they will see you through any small tweaks you choose to make over the years.

Recognising your true style is the key to designing a space that is your happy place, wherever you may and it will easily incorporate the changing fashion around you. Once you get the hang of it in the words of Dorothy Draper .....


With Love

Sarah @createmyspaceonline

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