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Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Let your f a v o u r i t e t h i n g s settle the everyday overwhelm


Image Via: Andi Potamkin's home Via Rue Magazine / Photography Emily Johnston Anderson


I have always been a collector of 'things' not quite hoarder status yet but watch this space. I find that the pieces of furniture and accessories that I have inherited, found or saved for, help create the perfect sanctuary to escape to.

Most things in our house remind me of a time in my life, or a person and help create a real sense of home. Our contact with the ones we love has been so limited over the last few years, seeking solace in the things we surround ourselves with, that remind us of the good stuff, is the perfect way to re- charge and choosing and investing in the right pieces over your lifetime and curating your space can be a great comfort, like a hug when you get home.


Image via: Charlotte Crossland

A curated home goes beyond having a perfectly styled home that looks like your favourite magazine pages. It is a home that has been carefully thought out, without following a trend, created with items you love, it is how you feel when you walk through the door.

Image via; Photographer Tessa Neustadt DesignAmber Lewis

There are four simple rules I use to create a curated space, here's how to create your own;

1) Mix old with new.

2) Invest in art you love ( this sounds expensive, it doesn't have to be)

3) Mix fabric patterns and styles; Cushions, rugs, Curtains.

4) Layer your Lighting

Images Via: Amber Lewis, James Hare, Zoffany,

Thoughtfully edited statements pieces will create a more interesting space and mixing items together for example a vintage vase, bowl or lamp into a more contemporary space automatically makes it more interesting. Add plants and books to create the perfect shelf display.

Wall art is the perfect mix of old and new, a contemporary print in a traditional space or a traditional portrait in a modern Lounge creates the perfect look needed for a curated space. Websites like Desenio supply supper affordable prints and The Royal Academy of Arts offers affordable art, with a few framed pieces amongst a selection of unframed prints and posters.

Fabrics aren't just the finishing touches for your space they can act as the inspiration. Find a fabric with more than three colours in, choose one of the colours to be your background one to be your clashing accent and the rest are your accessory colours. As long as these colours are your common thread between patterns, go for it, mix it up and be brave with pattern.

Pooky Lighting

Simply put, layered lighting involves the use of multiple lighting types to create a well-lit and balanced space. Think ambient lighting for overall illumination, task lighting for work areas (e.g. countertops or desks) and accent lighting for areas of interest and / or a particular object (such as a piece of artwork) Another great way to bring in your accent or clashing colours in ceramic or glass bases and fabric shades.

If you would like help creating your own curated space don't hesitate to drop me a line.

Much Love


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